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Bespoke Design

From special purpose machinery to product design and adaptations,  many solutions are available and I'll work with you to customise to your specific requirements. Modern 3D modelling makes very effective design visualisation, helping the design process along with open discussions about key features and ensuring that we work towards the correct solution together.

Bespoke Product Design


Bespoke Machine Design

Structural Analysis

The performance of some structural duties are too complex to be calculated accurately using nominal tables and charts which crudely and approximately represent the required task.

Engineering Analysis FEA
Engineering Design Services

With Finite Element Analysis, we work with the the precise geometry, material properties and load configurations to produce highly accurate appraisals of structural performance and can optimise the designs easily and economically where necessarily.

Servicing & Assessment

Working around machines & devices of all types for 25+ years gives a wide range of experience which can be invaluable when diagnosing problems, making modifications or simply servicing and maintenance.  As a fully trained fitter with comprehensive tooling, site work is no problem in both hygienic and industrial environments.

Product Design
Machine Design
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